Anti-Human Trafficking

Hangzhou Massage Girls is committed to fighting against human trafficking and will co-operate with any law enforcement authorities and agencies in investigations of suspected abuse of human rights.

Recognizing Trafficking
If the entertainer is accompanied by or contacted through another individual, please look for the following warning signs:

If these signs and common sense, indicate trafficking has taken place please contact the appropriate authorities:

– The individual speaks for or appears to maintain control over the entertainer

– The entertainer seems fearful of that individual

– The entertainer has difficulty communicating, whether resulting from a language barrier or fear of interaction

– The entertainer looks very young, possibly a minor

Reporting Trafficking & Exploitation
Please report any suspected sexual exploitation of minors or human trafficking to local authorities immediately. In case of an emergency, call local emergency hotline immediately (if you don’t know the emergency phone number for your location, follow this link and it might offer some help).

Click Here to Find Emergency Hotline for Your Location